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Two Guarantees

  • If you do nothing then nothing will happen.
  • If no one knows what you do or where you are then no one will buy from you.

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A client who is going to become successful is:

Someone who recognises they have a problem – someone who asks for help – someone who listens to that help – someone who takes action on that help.

"If you want to grow your business talk to me"

“I can help you”

My forty years sales experience in B2B, retail and online sales allows me to quickly grasp the areas your business needs to concentrate on to achieve growth.

I give an objective perspective to your business with the end goals being increased awareness of your business in the market place, increased sales and improved profitability.

I work with you the business owner to reach a point where you can work on your business instead of in it. Giving you the business owner an improved work/life balance.

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Areas we look at together

  • Your Sales Processes
  • Your Marketing Strategies
  • Your Social Media Presence
  • Your Website
  • Targeting
  • Tracking
  • Time
  • and more

How I see things.

"My belief that all the parts of your business are closely connected has led to the universal approach I take when working with you to grow your business."

"You cannot know everything so be prepared to engage with specialists, then let them do what they do best, to give you time to do what you do best."

The Market Place

Do your potential customers actually know that you exist? If no one knows you are there I can guarantee that no one will buy from you.

Free Tools

Are you aware of or even using the free tools that are available to promote your business. Let's use them first before spending a lot of money.


The right kind of activity can make a huge difference to your business. Another guarantee I can make is that if you do nothing then nothing will happen.

What are you doing?

Are you working in your business or working on your business? Do you work too many hours? Do you see less and less of your family? Is every day a chore? Do you need increased cash flow? Be truthful with yourself is money a problem? Then, let's be honest, you need to do something about it or get a job.

The Truth

The truth is what I give you. There is no point in sugar coating things. One of my clients thanked me for being "honest about her business" because all her family and friends were telling her how great it all was. NOW, she is making money

Establish your goals and write them down if you’re going to stay on track.

For example, is your priority to improve your customer service? If it is write it down and try to be as specific as possible. Goals should be accurate and they should focus on the specifics. Deciding that you want to land more sales isn’t a goal. Deciding to land 25% more sales in six months is.

Multitasking is the curse of businesses. 

You think that you’re being productive, but really, you’re just spreading your resources thinly. Always finish one task before you start to focus on another. Begin by looking at your goals and choosing which ones are the most important. It’s always better to complete one goal than to have five half-finished ones.

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